Teen Sexting

As the 2017-18 school year is upon us, administrators and educators must prepare for the increased digital communication. The number of students bringing cell phones to school is on the rise and administrators face the dilemma what cell phone incidents warrant discipline. Principals and teachers alike must be…

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Further Support Training for the Bullied

Even with the upsurge of mandated antibullying programs and continuous increased awareness of the effects of bullying and the need to support those being bullied, schools are faced with a dynamic that is much easier to talk about than implement. Guidelines suggesting all areas be…

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Summer Focus

The parent’s worst nightmare is upon us! This nightmare breeds fear of inactivity, lack of supervision and some realistic concern that the tween/teen will remain in vegetative, media-induced hypnotism or high risk activity for the rendering of those 10-12 weeks better known as “SUMMER VACATION”. As educators, counselors and…

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Addressing Bullying to Address the Rest

Bullying is not the only problem in schools. In fact, it is difficult to address bullying effectively sometimes because it is one of an endless list of problems that might range from academic struggles within a school, faculty morale, attendance, pressures from stakeholders outside the school building, and countless other issues.

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Self Destructive Behavior in Students Impacts Us All

At-risk students act out in ways that put them and others at risk. This is a major reason why changing their path as early and as completely as possible is so important. Behaviors can be attention seeking or an effort to exert power of their own lives. These behaviors are labeled “at-risk” behaviors because the consequences…

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Bully Prevention to Empower Students: Steps that Work

Students are the first line of contact when it comes to encountering bullying behavior. If students can be educated and empowered to make the right choices, it will make a huge difference in dealing with bullying within a school. There are some simple steps that can be employed by students to help the adult authority…

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The Facts about Bullying

The unfortunate connection between suicide and bully victimization. This is a topic that is very painful for me to talk about. Each life lost is one that we failed to reach in time. While it does not serve to blame ourselves for these losses, it does help if we move forward with the idea of making a real change in the lives of…

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Ten Tips for Prevention of Substance Abuse

How Young People Can Take Back Power over Their Own Lives. There is never going to be anything more powerful than a student taking responsibility for their own lives. It is the entire goal of substance abuse prevention programs. Students empowered to make better choices change their own destinies and can…

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Bullying Prevention – Five Secrets to Stopping a Bully

The influence that bullying is having on our young people is impacting their education, self esteem, safety and in many cases, has even become an issue of life or death as has been illustrated in the internationally broadcasted cases of bullying related suicides. It has become imperative that we as a society stand up…

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Bullies and bullying can be prevented by the slow and methodic process of mentoring and coaching from a caring mindset. Each and every young person carries a wealth of potential. It’s up to us to see, call forth, and empower that potential. Your diligence and long hours toward maturing this generation are not in vain, but rather are changing the world.

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