Bullying School Assemblies


Why they can work for you …

I have been involved in school assemblies for a number of years. Much of the work I have done has been in perfecting the content of my message to make the greatest impact on the lives of young people. I have also spent that time developing the mode and methods of delivering that content in a way that gets through to students. When those elements come together in the right way, you have the power to make a huge difference in the lives of students and in the environment of a school in a very short period of time.

There are a few key ways that a great school assembly on bullying can work for you and your school.

1. Awareness of Bullying Because Education is Power
When all the stakeholders in the school understand the nature of bullying, especially the stakeholder of the students, it empowers everyone to change behavior and it takes power away from the act of bullying. When we expose the impact of bullying on everyone in the school, including the negative impact on bystanders, we create an awareness that allows everyone present to see each other as real human beings and everyone becomes aware of the underlying impulses and drives that lead to an environment where bullying is allowed to occur. Teachers, administrators, and the students themselves now have the knowledge and the power to effect change.


We create an awareness that allows everyone present to see each other as real human beings.


2. Larger Context Brings Accountability
Students live in a world that often gives them tunnel vision where they can only see a present desire and have trouble projecting into the future to understand consequences. This becomes more pronounced when a situation is emotionally charged. Everyone sharing the experience of a powerful, targeted assembly puts everyone on the same page. When a student is told something in isolation or experiences a bullying curriculum on an individual basis, it is easier to fall back into old habits with students outside that experience because the knowledge and experience is not a shared one. When students are taken together on a journey through root causes of bad or violent choices, the acts themselves, and the real consequences of those choices, all the information and the shared experience creates a shared environment of accountability.


Students live in a world that often gives them tunnel vision where they can only see a present desire and have trouble projecting into the future.


3. Solutions Presented Empower Students
ALL IN GEN has designed its anti-bullying program around the powerful and proven work of Clint Thomas in reaching students. When a message presents proven solutions in a manner which reaches through to the minds of students in a mode that communicates directly to them the way they are used to receiving input from the world around them, students are empowered to make changes in their lives, their behavior, and their schools.


Students are empowered to make changes in their lives, their behavior, and their schools.


I do what I do because I care about students’ lives. I believe that to be true about everyone that is called into fields of education and youth work. I do these assemblies because they are the most effective way to deliver a life-changing message to the student body of a school.

Use the resources we provide in order to make a difference in your school. Not only could it save a life, but it could change the environment of your school so that the entire education process becomes more rewarding and effective for everyone involved.

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Bullies and bullying can be prevented by the slow and methodic process of mentoring and coaching from a caring mindset. Each and every young person carries a wealth of potential. It’s up to us to see, call forth, and empower that potential. Your diligence and long hours toward maturing this generation are not in vain, but rather are changing the world.

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