An Inclusive Sober Home for Men


Dry Tavern Recovery Home located in Cane Ridge Farms, Antioch, TN serves the neighboring areas of the Nashville and mid-TN regions.  Founded in 2016 by Jared and Lauren Beckett, the residential facility is an all-male recovery home dedicated to the destruction of addiction and addictive behaviors. After being redeemed by the program itself, Jared, along with his wife, were filled with heart and passion to see men set free and finding their place in our world. They chose to donate their very first purchased home to the recovery community. 


Jared and staff, understanding the suffering, frustration and hopelessness of the bondage of addiction are dedicated to those who want to be released into the “real” world as clean, sober and prepared. Dry Tavern’s program is designed to keep life SIMPLE and simple is mastered through: 

  • Safety First
  • Sobriety Always
  • Security for Transformation

And to achieve these goals, Dry Tavern Recovery Home applies a 4-phase abstinence plan:

  • Service Work
  • Sponsorship
  • Step Work
  • 12-Step Meetings



  • Serving is essential for developing responsibility and team building; therefore, residents participate in daily assignments and chores that result in a healthy living environment for both home and residents. Participating in numerous neighborhood projects further enhances the connection to community.
  • Secondly, support services are built through individual mentoring, group sharing and problem solving. Each resident is paired with a sponsor who mentors, teaches and guides the resident to healthier choices. 
  • 12-step programs (AA, NA, CA and others) and regular meetings are close to the home and easily assessable. 
  • Dry Tavern provides regular communication with families upon resident request to celebrate each milestone and recovery success.
  • Transitioning from a treatment center back into the world can be challenging and overwhelming.  Dry Tavern works with family residents to provide job assistance for those without work, to assist with instruction on filling out job applications and preparing for interviews while providing transportation for those without means to interviews, career opportunities, school, work or 12- step meetings.​


Contact Dry Tavern  |   (865) 368-5642

1309 Saybrook Crossing | Thompson’s Station, TN  37179

Contact Dry Tavern Recovery Home

(865) 368-5642

1309 Saybrook Crossing
Thompson’s Station, TN  37179

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