Ten Tips for Prevention of Substance Abuse


How Young People Can Take Back Power over Their Own Lives …

There is never going to be anything more powerful than a student taking responsibility for their own lives. It is the entire goal of substance abuse prevention programs. Students empowered to make better choices change their own destinies and can change the lives of other students around them. With that in mind, here are ten tools people can use to make better choices for themselves.


Not everyone is doing it.


1) Don’t be afraid to say No.
We fear negative reactions from peers. You may think otherwise, but not everyone is doing it. Some people are actually waiting and hoping for that one person to say no so that they will not be alone. Don’t let others make decisions about your future for you. You don’t have to give a reason why. Just walk away. That is your right.

2) Connect with friends.
Pay attention to who you are hanging out with. Avoiding negative peer pressure is easier with a group of like-minded friends. The more people you hang out with that make bad choices the stronger that pull will be. You don’t have to go along to get along.

3) Stay connected with your parents and other trusted adults.
Your parents and teachers can be a source of great strength and support for you. Whatever you may be going through, there are adults that care. They can help you when you have made mistakes and they can help you move away from destructive situations or choices. They will be there for you long after others in your life have left.


Stay grounded in the things that really define who you truly are.


4) Enjoy life and do the good things that you love.
The more things you enjoy that do not involve alcohol and drugs the better. Empty lives and idle time are the pathways that often lead young people to try to fill a void in their lives with substance abuse. Do not turn your back on the pursuits that you love in order to try things which will hurt you. Stay grounded in the things that really define who you truly are.

5) Follow family rules.
Don’t let alcohol or drugs get between you and your family. As you get older and take more control over your own life, do not forget who you are or what you stand for. Your family rules protect you and they empower you when you choose them for yourself. Stick to what you know is right and talk to your parents about what you are facing in life.

6) Get educated.
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Do not take your facts from the dumbest person in your peer group that is already using drugs. Know the truth by learning the real effects of drugs. Use those facts to guide you away from destructive choices in your life.


Be the example.



7) Be the role model.
Be the example. You are setting a foundation for your own life, but you are helping others see another way too. Nothing is more powerful in the lives of your friends than to see you making good choices. It will change your life and could change their lives too.

8) Plan ahead.
Do not let yourself end up in a situation where you seemingly have no way out. Don’t let others take you along as they are driving under the influence or breaking the law. Plan to have a way to leave if something bad occurs.

9) Speak Out.
Take responsibility for your life. When you see friends messing up their lives, say something. Tell them you are seeing them come apart and you are disappointed. Don’t let them lie to themselves that everything is okay. The truth must be heard.


There are people that want to help. You don’t have to be alone.



10) Get help.
If someone you know is in trouble with drugs or alcohol, get help. Don’t wait. If you are in trouble, reach out now. There are people that want to help. You don’t have to be alone.

I am one of those people willing to help. This goes for students, teachers, and administrators. I’m here as a part of All In Generation to help lift young people out of destructive choices and to empower staff to make a difference. We can change lives and change school culture together.

You do not have to face these issues alone. Contact me now to partner with All In Generation for your school. We can help you meet your goals for your students and for your school.

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Bullies and bullying can be prevented by the slow and methodic process of mentoring and coaching from a caring mindset. Each and every young person carries a wealth of potential. It’s up to us to see, call forth, and empower that potential. Your diligence and long hours toward maturing this generation are not in vain, but rather are changing the world.

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