What Others are Saying About All In Generation

“It was a pleasure inviting Clint into the school to engage students in meaningful discussions around “Hot Topics”. His All In Generation was not only captivating but also motivating. His connection and understanding of students was unparalleled by other presenters. I would recommend this program to any educational colleague or any organization that deals with America’s youth.”


Secondary Superintendent, MO

“This weekend I had the best time of my life. And when you talked about violence, it just hit me so much. You are awesome. Now before I go I just want to thank you for everything. You helped change my life around. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!”


Student, MD 16

“Just wanna send my thanks for you coming out. The words you spoke really helped us open our eyes to see what our culture and media has been doing with us. You really inspired me, man. I am still learning, but since you have come, I am a strong supporter in the All In Generation. I just wanna thank you again, man. You have really opened my eyes. I hope you will come back to visit us again. You rock!”


Student, TN 17

“In over 30 years of working with youth, I’ve had the privilege of working with many nationally and internationally known speakers. All of them have been very gifted communicators. Many of these speakers have been superb at engaging the teenagers and concluding by drawing them to a point of decision that brings about change. Yet, from time to time there are certain speakers that really stick out. Clint Thomas is one of those leaders. Young people connect immediately with his message because it is relevant to their culture. He addresses challenging topics by empowering them and not speaking down to them. Clint also challenges them to make wise choices by illuminating many of the pitfalls of adolescent culture. If you are looking for a speaker to open both the eyes and hearts of your youth, then look no further than ALL IN GENERATION with Clint Thomas.”


City Youth Event Leader, Myrtle Beach, SC

“I have seen Clint Thomas make presentations in school assemblies. I do not know of a more excellent presentation to put before our youth and their parents. Clint presents topics which are vital to address, and does it with dynamic, “grab your attention and hold it” up to the minute examples from our culture. He manages a large group of students very well, interacting with them in such a way that even those who are obstinate are engaged. I cannot imagine any administrator or parent who has seen Clint’s presentation being disappointed.”


Disciplinary Officer, Calico Rock High School, AR

“Clint Thomas’ presentation is one of the finest I have seen in 37 years of full time youth work. His presentations are a brilliant combination of hard-hitting truth presented in a relevant, clear, and sometimes disarmingly humorous manner. I recommend him highly. Though I rarely have guest presenters in my own organization, I have asked Clint to share for a second time this year. After many years in working with youth, I am not easily impressed. But in all honesty, Clint DOES genuinely impress me. His treatment of relevant, cultural issues that today’s youth culture deal with 24/7 (bullying, violence, drugs, etc.) is extraordinary. He connects to both his listeners’ heads and hearts. Moreover, he does it so well that his listeners are left to make their own decisions about the subject matter.”


National Youth Speaker

“Clint Thomas is by far one of the most dynamic and relevant speakers I have ever heard. The impact he makes on young people lasts long after his message is given. Your school won’t be the same after hearing Clint share the ALL IN GENERATION message!”


Teacher, MO

“I just wanted to thank you for being so open with our students this weekend and showing them the world through different eyes. I know that for my girls I talked to, it really changed their hearts and outlook on the world we live in. I really think that this weekend was just what our young people needed!!!! Thanks again!”


Youth Leader, NY

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